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How To Look Expensive On A Budget (Men Styling Hacks)

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Last Updated on March 3, 2023 by Morah Rose

You do not need flashy brands or designer clothes to look expensive.

What you need are the right styling techniques to make you look elegant, and sophisticated without digging deeper into your wallet.

We are going to discuss the best tips for an expensive look when you are on a budget. 

Best tips for men who want to look expensive on a budget

1. Wear the right fit

Your clothes should fit right on your body. This means that they should not be overly tight or large.

For example, your pants should fit properly around your waist without wearing a belt.

To wear clothes that fit you properly, you will need to know your body type-this is your actual body shape and size.

NOTE: Your clothes should fit you well, especially on the shoulder and waist inseam.

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2. Wear black

Wearing darker colors like black gives you an air of elegance and a more classy look compared to wearing bright colors.

Additionally, black is very good at hiding cheaper quality material in your clothes thus it will still give you a sleeker refined look even if you are wearing cheap quality material.

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3. Wear neutrals

If black is not your thing then I recommend going for neutral monochromatic color palettes.

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Just keep in mind that when it comes to colors, less is better. 

So, stick to a maximum of 3 different colors in your outfit, where 2 of them are neutral.

What are neutral colors?

  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Navy
  • White
  • Khaki
  • Cream tones

Note: Your skin tone will play a great role in determining what neutral color makes you look expensive.

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4. Choose the right textures for your outfit

Different textures give out different moods and vibes to an outfit.

For example, wool, cotton, and other natural materials are better and more stylish. 

I recommend wearing an outfit with textures that complement each other as opposed to wearing one texture from head to toe, which could end up making you look cheap.

For a minimum modern look, you can go for clothes with no visible texture. This will make you feel and look more elegant and quite sophisticated.

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5. Wear the right accessories

I would recommend you go minimal on the jewelry.

The following are the men’s recommendations for accessories to wear to look expensive:

  1. Wear a watch

I strongly recommend wearing a watch that will naturally complement your style.

This means that, for example, if most of your other jewelry is silver then get a watch that has a silver metal on it. The same applies if you mostly have gold accessories.

  1. Wear a simple bracelet

I recommend wearing a simple cuffed or chain bracelet. 

Additionally, if you have a watch, wear the bracelet on the opposite hand of your watch.

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  1. Wear a simple necklace

The necklace should be simple. It should go under what you are wearing and let it peek out.

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  1. Wear minimal rings

I recommend not doing over 3 rings. Additionally, avoid the big bold ring designs such as signet rings and just go for classic look ring designs.

NOTE: If you are wearing 2 rings, distribute them between the two hands and don’t wear them on one hand.

However, if you are wearing one ring, wear it on the hand that you are wearing the bracelet or the opposite hand of your watch.

6. Know when to dress up and when to dress down

When you are in an environment where everyone or most of the people are dressed casually, being a little dressed up will make you stand out in a good way.

The same goes when you are in an environment where people are dressed up, you will find that the one who dresses smart casual dress code will look chic and will also give the impression of an effortlessly nailed look.

“Casual is the new chic.”

7. Be bold

Wear your clothes with confidence and walk in confidence.

Make a statement with what you wear.

8. Do proper grooming

Trimming your beard properly, having a clean haircut, and a good skincare routine will improve your appearance.

9. Look for fashion inspirations

Pinterest and Instagram are some of the great places to find inspiration for your outfits and men’s accessories.

10. Don’t wear visible brands

I would recommend you avoid clothes with visible brands and just let your outfit do the talking.

11. Exercise and be mindful of your posture

Exercise and have a good posture to compliment your overall look. This way you will always be nailing a good look no matter what you wear.

Final Words

Styling up is a matter of trial and error until you find what looks good on you and makes your overall outfit/style look expensive.

All the best!