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How To Dress If You Have A Beer Gut (Men Styling Tips)

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Last Updated on April 24, 2023 by Morah Rose

Most people have a difficult time figuring out what to wear if they are heavy on the midsection.

Fitting clothes can also be difficult to put on in certain areas like the thighs and stomach area.

For example, a shirt could fit so well but the buttons end up being so tight around the belly. The pants could also fit very well around the glute area and the legs but end up being too tight around the waist area.

If all of these sound familiar, you are not alone. Many people struggle with dressing for their body type, particularly when it comes to hiding a beer gut.

But the good news is that this article is going to provide you with the best dressing tips for men with a belly/beer gut and mainly focusing our attention around:

  • How to dress a beer gut
  • How to hide a beer belly

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Tips for dressing if you have a beer belly

1. Focus on wearing outfits that build up your chest and shoulders

The best way to hide a beer belly for men is by working to make your shoulders and chest look bigger thus hiding the belly. 

This is because more attention is going to be drawn to the shoulders and chest and not the belly.

How do you make your shoulders and chest look bigger?

  1. Wear classic leather jackets, biker jackets, or sherpa denim jackets

The most recommended jacket that will help you attain the best look is a classic leather jacket or a sherpa denim jacket.

And if you are not a jacket person, you will need to get comfortable wearing them.

This is because they give you a perfect look and most people may end up not noticing the beer gut.

  1. Wear an overcoat

If you are looking for a more casual look, an overcoat will definitely nail the look without drawing attention to the beer gut.

  1. Wear an open flora shirt on top

If the weather is too hot for a jacket, then wearing a light-open flora shirt will do the trick.

  1. Wear double breast pocket long-sleeved shirts

Most of these types of shirts usually make the chest and shoulders look wider, which in turn make the beer gut look smaller.

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2. Wear clothes with stretchy fabrics

Clothes with stretchy fabrics feel comfortable, especially when you are moving around and bending down.

However, you should note that by a stretch fabric, I don’t mean that the clothes need to be tight.

What I simply mean is that you wear a regular cut that is neither slim nor baggy on you.

3. Wear darker clothes

There is a reason why most stylists refer to black as the “slimming color”.

Darker colors tend to hide what’s on the inside compared to brighter colors.

NOTE: If you wear a dark color, don’t go for a brighter belt because it will end up drawing attention to the belly area, which is the opposite of what you want.

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4. Don’t wear baggy and overly tight clothes

If you think baggy clothes will do a good job of hiding your belly fat, well unfortunately you are wrong.

Though you may feel like the baggy clothes are hiding your beer gut, this usually results in an unattractive sloppy look.

Instead, I would recommend going for close-fitting clothing as they make you look smart, stylish, and sharp. 

It is better to look fat but sharp than fat and sloppy.

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5. Your pants play a great role in your look

Wearing the wrong pair of jeans can ruin your look no matter what you are wearing on the top.

Make sure your jeans fit correctly around the waist area.

What trousers to wear with a big tummy?

I recommend a pair of jeans that have a bit of spandex because they tend to be comfortable around the waist area/belly. 

Additionally, a pair of denim trousers are also great because they are comfortable around the waist and give you a better look.

If you are looking for an official look, I would recommend going for trousers that have waist extenders at the sides. But if you have a hard time finding them, I recommend taking whatever you have to the tailor to add it for you.

Pants over or under the belly?

There is no general rule of how to wear your pants if you have a belly. It all depends on your body’s build.

Some people will wear pants under the belly and look and feel comfortable, and for others, it will be vice versa because we all have different bodies.

To know what works best for you, I recommend trying both under and over the belly and having an honest person rate you. Or go for a stylist if you have the money.

6. Wear custom-made clothes

If you are on the heavy side, a good tailor could help change your world of dressing!

And the tailor doesn’t have to make clothes for you from scratch.

I would recommend going to a tailor for measurements, then finding clothes that closely fit you.

A good place to start would be looking for a niche seller that sells plus-size clothes. 

Then the next step would be taking it to the tailor to perfect it! 

You will not only be comfortable in your clothes but you will also look great.

7. Focus on your style and personality

Don’t shop for clothes just to please others or hide your insecurities. Instead, shop for clothes that fit your style and personality.

For example, if you love a particular type of pants, then look for a similar one that can fit your body.

However, I must admit that sometimes it misses the mark but a lot of times it looks great.

“Sometimes it is 100 times better to be yourself, and do you! After all, it is your life, Be comfortable with your style and roll with that”

Going for clothes that fit you perfectly but are not your style could lead to a world of insecurities.

8. Don’t forget the rest of your grooming

To achieve a sharp look, don’t be overly caught up in what you wear and forget to take care of your looks.

Cleaning and taking care of your hair, nails, and beard also play a great role in your overall look.

This means that you should love yourself and never allow your weight to bring you down!