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Best Jeans/Denim For Your Body Type (Men’s Guide)

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Last Updated on June 6, 2023 by Morah Rose

Want to look good and feel comfortable in jeans? 

This article is going to give you a complete guide on the best men’s jeans for each physic/body type. 

By the end of the article, you will know the type of jeans that will fit, feel comfortable and complement your build.

Below is what the article is going to cover:

  • The most popular types of jeans
  • Best types of jeans for your body type
  • Best tips for shopping for jeans

Types of men’s jeans 

The table below lists the most popular type of men’s jeans:

NOTE: How the jeans fit will vary across different brands.

Types of jeansDescription
1.Loose/relaxed jeans

NOTE: Some retailers also call these jeans regular-fit jeans.
These types of jeans are usually the baggiest men’s jeans.

These jeans have more fabric from the hips going down to the ankles, which makes them baggy around the thigh area.

They also have a wider ankle opening that tends to cover the shoes.
2.Bootcut jeansThese jeans are also very baggy depending on the brand.

However, they are designed differently compared to loose/relaxed jeans.

The jeans are normally quite slim (not very slim) from the waist down to the knee, then open up towards the bottom with a wider ankle opening that can fit boots underneath it. 
3.Straight fit

NOTE: Some retailers also call these types of jeans a regular fit.

These types of jeans are usually quite thin around the thigh and groin area. 

Compared to bootcut jeans, these types of jeans are slightly narrower around the knee, thigh, and groin areas.

Recommended for;
Men who want a more mature look and those who carry a bit of extra weight will look great in this type of jeans fit.
4.Slim fitThese jeans are almost similar to straight-fit jeans but are a bit tighter and more tapered.

These types of jeans are usually recommended for most guys even those with an average weight. 

That means that even if you are over 30 years with a bit of a beer belly, you are still going to look great in them.

That’s because they give your body a lot more shape and are usually the safest option compared to the other types of jeans.
5.Slim taper/carrot fit jeansThese types of jeans generally fit like slim-fit jeans at the thigh area but fit like skinny jeans around the knee area going down. 

This gives you more room around the thigh area and a pretty small opening around the ankle.

The shape of these jeans is pretty much like a carrot.

Recommended for:
The jeans are a great choice for most guys, even those with an average weight, including guys with bigger or more muscular thighs. 

That’s because they give your body a lot more shape and comfort because most brands will use stretchy material on this pair of jeans.
6.SkinnyNOTE: Skinny jeans do not necessarily mean that they are super tight as most men think.

These jeans are normally slimmer than slim-cut jeans, but this does not mean that they are very tight.

They will be tight around the thigh area and have quite a small ankle opening compared to the other types of jeans mentioned above.

They usually have increased stretch that offers more comfort.

Recommended for:
Skinny guys, and guys with skinny legs, because they make their bodies look more proportionate.
7.Spray on jeans/super skinny jeansThese men’s jeans are the tightest pair of jeans you can find.

The jeans are super tight and stretchy throughout the thighs going down their tiny ankle opening.

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What type of jeans will look best for your body type?

To find the best jeans that complement your build and is the right fit and is comfortable, you need to know your body type.

This means that you will be dressing for the body you have and not the body you want or used to have.

Below are the are 3 men body types:

Men’s body typesBody DescriptionRecommend Jeans
1.Ectomorph or cerebrotonicThese are men who have narrow chests and shoulders. They are generally very lean and have very low body fat.These men tend to look great in slim, skinny, or more modern spray jeans.
2.Mesomorph or SomatotonicThese are men who have larger thighs, narrow waists, and broader shoulders, which makes them appear masculine and quite strong.

They also don’t tend to have major body fat.
The best jeans for these men are usually those that have a little more spandex.
3.Endomorph or viscerotonicThese are men who have narrow shoulders and normally carry a little more body fat compared to the other two body types described above. 

At times these men may appear pear shape.
These men tend to normally fit and look great in regular or relaxed-fit jeans.

The following are different men’s body physiques

  • Athletic-built and more muscular men with bigger thighs.
  • Men with wide hips.
  • Men with a large waist.
  • Short men that are 5ft 8 inches or under.
  • Tall men.
  • Super skinny men.

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Best jeans for athletic built and muscular men with bigger thighs

The common problem that most of these types of men go through is finding jeans that fit well in some areas.

That’s because they may fit well in some but not in other areas, where they can end up being too tight or baggy.

The challenging parts are usually around the quads and butt.

Recommended jeans/denim for an athletic built/fit & muscular man with bigger thighs?

The best jeans for these men are athletic jeans like a regular athletic fit, slim and regular fit jeans, or generally jeans that have more stretch and a smaller fitting/regular waist.

Athletic jeans are great because they are usually roomier at the thigh and butt areas.

A good example of jeans that are great for most men with these body types include:

  • American Eagle’s Athletic Fit Air Flex.
  • Standard Athletic Fit and Athletic Skinny.
  • Express’s Straight Slim.

Most men who lift are recommended these jeans because they have extra room in the thighs and seat. They are also soft stretch with great taper.

Best jeans for men with wide hips

The best fit for men with wide hips is regular, relaxed, and loose jeans. Skinny and slim-fit jeans would be considered a poor fit.

Best jeans for men with a large waist

The best fit for these types of men is the relaxed and loose-fit jeans. Regular, slim, and skinny jeans would be considered a poor fit.

Best jeans for short men who are 5ft 8 inches or under 

They should avoid wearing jeans that are too long and baggy, especially around the ankle areas. That’s because it makes them look shorter.

The best jeans for short men would be slim-fit jeans that do not have too much room in the leg.

Additionally, for a more proportionate look, I’d recommend you avoid shirts/t-shirts that are too baggy and too long covering your crotch area.

The image below is a good example of such:

Best jeans for tall men

Most tall men will look great in jeans with longer inseams and should balance their outfit colors for them to look more proportionate.

A good example is wearing darker color jeans and a lighter color top or vice versa. This will balance your look.

Best jeans for super skinny men

Supper skinny men normally look great in slim and regular-fit jeans. Relaxed and loose-fit jeans would be considered a poor fit.

Best tips for shopping for jeans

  1. Wear the right-fit jeans

When it comes to jeans, fit is king. That’s because the wrong type of jeans will make you look sloppy and unkempt.

Therefore, when buying a pair of jeans take note of how it feels and looks on you.

For instance, does it give you an extra room at the crotch/rise but look good on you at the same time?

  1. Understand your key measurements

I recommend paying more attention to the rise, waist, inseam, and outseam when shopping for jeans. 

However, you should also note that waist measurement is usually not an accurate waist measurement for jeans/denim because it depends on the brand.

That means that your waist size for one brand could be a different one for another brand.

Generally, a good waist-fitting denim is one that you can fit 2 or three fingers inside the waistband. 

This means that wearing a belt on a pair of jeans that has a big waist can make you look sloppy because of the bunched-up fabric. But again, if the waist is too tight, you will feel uncomfortable when seated down.

Generally, denim that fits well should have 1 to 2 extra fabrics on the thighs.