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How To Wear A Belt If You Have A Big Belly (Tips For Men)

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Last Updated on March 7, 2023 by Morah Rose

You could be wondering, where should the belt sit if you have a belly?

Or what’s the best belt when you have a beer gut or a big belly?

I understand this can be stressful, but you are not alone.

I have come across so many people with big guts who struggle with belts and felt that it’s about time for this topic to be addressed!

However, I will not tell you how to wear the belt, but I will give you some of the best tips to help you wear your trousers comfortably if you have a big belly/beer gut.

Most men tend to store fat (calories) in the gut, otherwise known as the beer gut.

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Tips for men who are uncomfortable wearing a belt due to beer belly

1. Don’t wear the belt

You can go beltless and never look back! 


By wearing suspenders (for Americans) or braces (for British).

If you are a little on the heavier side, suspenders/braces could be your best option because:

  • You get to wear your trousers on your actual waistline and not under or over the belly.
  • It is more comfortable than a belt. There will be no more chaffing, and pants won’t keep falling. This means, no more pulling up your pants 100 times a day.
  • You tuck your shirts and still look great.

The good thing about the suspenders/braces is you can easily find brands that make classy suspenders (even for work wear) and give you a sharp look.

You just need to give it a chance, even if it’s not your thing. Chances are you will not regret it!

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2. Wear your pants the right way

I have seen so many men make the mistake of wearing pants the wrong way.

Men’s trousers are made to fit different parts, including the waist area, and this takes us to the pant rise.

A pant rise is what determines how you should wear your trousers. This means that the rise will play a great role in your look at the end of the day.

The following are the 4 different types of pants rise:

  • Low rise.
  • Short rise.
  • Regular rise.
  • High rise.
TYPES OF PANT RISEWhere they should be worn
Short RiseWorn at the natural waistline.
Best for short men.
Regular RiseWorn at the natural waistline.
A good example is trousers and khakis.
High RiseWorn around the waistline.
Best for tall people. Over 6’ tall.

Therefore, when shopping, don’t be overly concerned about how the pants fit on your waistline and forget the rise. 

This is because wearing the wrong pants rise could end up being uncomfortable and will not do any justice to your overall look.

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3. Copy and paste a look

I would recommend you look for images of men, especially celebrities who are well dressed and have the same body type as you for inspiration.

Once you find the right guy, study how he wears his trousers and what looks better on him.

This will give you a much better idea of how you should wear your trousers and still look sharp, even if you are on the heavier side.

NOTE: These celebrities are dressed by stylists, so if you can’t afford a stylist, then try to learn from their dressing styles.

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4. Wear pants that fit you better

You will not find yourself pulling up your trousers a hundred times a day if you wear pants that fit you better.

Sometimes the problem is not the belt, but how well the trouser fits you. 

Final Word

Dressing up is a trial and error. Before you get what makes you look and feel comfortable, you will have to try different styles!

All the best!