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How To Dress Like An Italian Man In Summer (How To Dress Sharp)

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Last Updated on March 2, 2023 by Morah Rose

If you have been to Italy or know an Italian man, then you probably have noticed how sharply dressed and confident they look, especially in the summer.

If you like to dress and look sharp and stylish like Italian men in summer, this article has drawn inspiration from Italian men to give you tips for dressing sharp.

How to dress like an Italian man in summer

The following Italian men’s principles make great tips for men who want to dress sharp, look stylish, and elegant:

1. Italian men are usually very comfortable in their own skin

Dressing like an Italian is not just about what you wear but how the outfits make you feel.

Therefore, it is always important to choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and practice wearing it. Why?

Because practicing wearing an outfit is a great way to get rid of the feeling of being unsure or uncertain about your looks.

And you know what? If you are uncertain about your look, you will secretly kill your confidence. 

Wearing outfits that make them feel comfortable is the reason why you will find Italian men bringing out a sense of confidence and looking like they are well put together.


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2. Italian men are not afraid to play with colors in their outfits

This is another key factor that distinguishes Italian men from most other men. 

They are never afraid to incorporate other colors into their outfits.  

In simpler terms, they don’t believe that there’s a woman’s color and a man’s color. They can easily rock a pink color and still look very elegant without ladies judging them.

In fact, they end up receiving lots of compliments from women because women don’t care what color they dress in as long as they look sharp!

Key Take Away
Not being afraid to rock certain colors and walking in confidence in an outfit is a great way of making a statement.

“There’s no such thing as ladies’ color!”

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3. Italian men make their outfits look effortless “Sprezzatura”

To nail an outfit, you need to make it look effortless!  

It should look like it’s in your DNA to pull a sharp outfit with no stress, and also look like you did not put so many hours into it.

But, how do you make your outfit look effortless?

Well, to make an outfit look effortless, make sure it fits you well according to your body type, feels comfortable, and the colors blend perfectly.

Note: when I say that the outfit should fit you right, I mean that you dress according to your body type and in clothes that are not too tight or too baggy.

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4. Italian men have mastered how to wear casual sports jackets in any outfit.

Italian men also like to wear summer casual sports jackets that build up their shoulders making them stand out from the crowd.

They incorporate the casual sports jacket into their many outfits, including when wearing chinos and jeans.

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5. Italian men are known to wear great quality, simple and clean shoes

Italian men love to invest more in quality and not quantity.

They are known to buy quality shoes that last them years and still look new.

Key Take Away
Invest in good comfortable shoes that are simple without being overly complicated.

If you want to dress like an Italian man, then be sure to shop for some good-quality loafers.

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6. Italian men don’t focus so much on what’s trending

As mentioned earlier, Italians don’t focus on wearing what’s trending. Instead, quality is what matters. 

This explains why they are usually trendsetters!

Most of the time you will find that they don’t have huge wardrobes because quality is everything above everything else and not quantity. 

And this also makes them different from the rest because they are always uniquely dressed.

Key Take Away
You don’t have to wear what’s trending to be stylish!

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7. Always smell good

You have probably heard someone comment “that guy looks like he smells good”

Well, most Italian men have mastered the art of not only looking good but also giving the impression of smelling good. 

The key take away here is that smelling good compliment your whole outfit! 

Therefore, be sure to complement your look with a good and lighter fragrance, especially in summer. A lighter fragrance is better during the summer season because it is not overpowering.

8. Italian men don’t care what other people think

Italian men will not dress to please others but themselves. And this is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Key Take Away
Do not be overly obsessed with how people see you in a certain outfit. Instead, focus on what actually makes you feel good without the fear of being judged.