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How To Make Your Cologne Smell Stronger (Tips & Hacks)

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Last Updated on June 2, 2023 by Morah Rose

Having a collection of different fragrances is a must-have in your personal accessories. However, wearing them the wrong way, or not knowing when to wear what fragrance could make you be judged the wrong way.

Additionally, knowing what makes your cologne last longer is extremely important, especially if you are someone who loves smelling great throughout the day.

In this article, we are going to discuss:

  • How to make your cologne smell stronger.
  • When and where to wear cologne.
  • Best tips to make the cologne last longer.


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How to make your cologne smell stronger

The best way to apply your fragrance is by applying it a few minutes after drying off out of the shower on moisturized skin.

The best places to spray yourself should be places in your body that get hot and warm. A good example is on the upper chest, neck (including the back of the neck), and arms (including the forearm).

These areas leave you smelling good for longer.

It is not recommended that you spray fragrances on your clothes because:

  • It may end up smelling for days.
  • It may stain some clothes, especially the lighter ones.
  • The smell will slightly be different compared to when you spray it on your body.

However, men who don’t find the fragrance projecting that much can spray it on their undershirt. This will in most cases help project the fragrance even better.

Remember, less is more.

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Tips to make your cologne last longer

1. Know what type of fragrance you are applying

When applying a fragrance, make sure that you know what type of fragrance it is.

Understanding the fragrance will help you know when and where to wear specific fragrances.

For example;

  • There are fragrances that give you confidence that is best worn when going to an interview or doing a presentation.
  • Light fragrances are good when traveling, especially at the airport, at the office, and in other places that are crowded. This is because they are a ‘crowds pleaser’. 
  • Overpowering fragrances are best worn when you feel like you want to overpower other people. This can be when you are going to a club.

You hence need to choose wisely the type of fragrance to wear depending on the occasion. For example, to work, on an interview, on a date, to the airport(when traveling), or when hanging just around the house.

This also means that you need to understand how much concentration a fragrance has.

For instance, take a look at the following for a better idea of what I’m talking about:

  • Perfumes that have about 20% to 30% concentration, which is the highest percentage of essential oil/aromatic compounds, are the most expensive and tend to last up to 7 hours after applying.
  • Eau de Perfumes have 10% to 20% concentration. They can last up to 5 hours.
  • Eau de toilette has 5% to 12% concentration and can last up to 4 hours.
  • Eau de cologne has about 2% to 5% concentration. They mostly tend to last up to 3 hours. They are usually cheaper and sold in large sizes compared to others.

NOTE: Some brands will smell stronger than others. 

This explains why you will spray some fragrances up to 7 times but they are not going to project that much.

However, you spray others just once and everyone will be smelling it because of how strong they are.

A good example is a perfume that has over 20% of essence concentration. You will only need to apply just a tiny bit of it.

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2. Practice wearing the fragrance on your body before wearing it on an occasion

Different people can wear the same fragrance but it will smell slightly or very different on each person. Why?

Because we all have different unique chemistry that determines how the fragrance reacts to our bodies. 

So, this means that you need to try the fragrance on your body.

For some people, when they sweat while wearing some fragrances, the fragrance becomes so strong and smells very different.

If you are one such person, this can be a huge disadvantage to you if, for instance, you wear the fragrance to an interview.

Take Away
Make sure you test the fragrance and see how it reacts to your skin before wearing it on occasion.

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3. Store your fragrance properly

Storing your fragrance in a place where there is direct sunlight exposure will damage it over time. 

Additionally, exposing your fragrance to too much heat or cold will also damage it. For example, leaving it in your car during the summer or winter season.

To avoid damaging the fragrance, you can store them in a box or the containers that they came with.

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4. You might be having olfactory fatigue

Olfactory fatigue is when you no longer smell the fragrance or smell after prolonged exposure to it.

For example, you may wear your cologne in the morning, then by midday or in the evening you no longer smell it. However, you will find people complimenting how good your cologne smells.

In most cases, you don’t usually smell it because of olfactory fatigue.

5. Apply a fragrance-free lotion

Applying a fragrance-free lotion first followed by the cologne will help make the cologne last longer.

This is because the cologne will bind the oils, and the heat from the body will project the fragrance out.