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How To Know Your Natural Scent (And How To Smell It)

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Morah Rose

Curious to know how you smell?

This is an interesting topic considering how difficult it can be to know your own natural scent.

Personally, I have had people commenting on my scent but I never really knew what it is they were smelling on me.

This inspired me to go on my own personal mission, with the aim of discovering my own natural scent, which I eventually did.

To help you discover your own scent, this article is going to cover the following:

  • Why it is difficult to smell our own natural scent
  • How to smell your own scent.
  • Where your natural scent comes from

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Why it is difficult to smell our own natural scent?

It is normally harder to know how we smell because of nose blindness, which is also known as olfactory fatigue/adaptation or odor fatigue.

Nose blindness is an individual’s inability to distinguish or even detect a common or particular scent in their surroundings after prolonged exposure to it.

This applies to everyone because we have adapted/gotten accustomed to our own natural scent since we were young.

Why is it that you know how you smell after applying a fragrance?

Because it is an unfamiliar smell.

So, why is it that all of a sudden you become more aware of how you smell but before that, you could never smell your own natural scent?

Because it is a new smell and not what your nose and brain are already used to.

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How to smell your own scent

Honestly, it can almost be impossible to figure out your natural scent. 

However, you could start by telling a friend, family, or anyone close to point it out to you.

For instance, my sister bought me a personalized candle that she said smelled like me. 

Ironically I smelled the candle and I immediately felt like I had smelled it before.

That’s just one of the best ways to figure out your natural scent.

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Where does your natural scent come from

If you are wondering where your natural scent comes from, the following are the two common factors that tend to play a role in how we smell:

1. What you eat

According to health and food experts, what you eat plays a huge role in how you smell, and even how your sweat smell.

But, without just taking their research into account, I decided to experiment with different foods to see if they made sense. 

Additionally, I also sort for answers from an online community to at least get some feedback from other people.


  1. I noticed a big difference in how my sweat smelled after my workouts when I added too much spice to my meals.
  1. Most of the respondents in the online community also noted a difference in their smell, especially when they travel to other countries where they had to eat different foods.

For instance, one of them noted:

“Last month when we traveled to Finland with my boyfriend, he noticed a difference in my natural scent and I had not changed what I use or wear on my body. The only difference was the food I ate.”

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2. What you use

What you use on your body will definitely play a role in how you smell, especially if you:

  • Use scented soaps, shampoo, lotion, and perfume.
  • Wash your clothes with scented laundry products. This includes fabric softeners.
  • Use common incense, air freshener, and candles that emit smell in your house.

All that will play a role in how you smell.