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How To Remove Sweat Smell From Clothes Instantly (Stubborn Smell)

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Last Updated on September 16, 2022 by Morah Rose

You have probably wondered why your clothes smell sweat even after washing them. Well, in this article we are going to cover the following:

  • Reasons why you get clinging smell on your clothes even after washing them so many times.
  • How to effectively remove the sweat smell from clothes.

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What makes clothes smell sweat even after washing them?

Too much deodorant, excess detergent, and synthetic fiber in clothes are usually some of the most common culprits of sweat smell in clothes that never seem to go, even after washing them.

Why does the use of excessive deodorant and detergent contribute to the stubborn sweat smell on clothes?

Using too much deodorant and washing clothes with an excess detergent that is then not properly rinsed, tends to trap dirt and bacteria. 

And over time, the dirt and bacteria will start to bring out that smell in clothes that never seem to go.

N/B: The type of detergent is also a contributing factor, especially if the clothes are not properly rinsed.

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If the deodorant doesn’t seem to work, try a different brand or change the type of deodorant but don’t use it in excess as it will backfire on you!

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Why do synthetic fiber clothes have this common sweat smell problem?

If you are very keen, you may have noticed that clothes that tend to have a sweat smell are synthetic fiber clothes.

Synthetic fiber clothes tend to make people sweat more, mainly because they do not allow air circulation. They hence end up trapping moisture and heat. 

This means that the sweat cannot evaporate, and so they end up absorbing the sweat.

However, some synthetic fiber clothes are usually coated with chemical treatments. Therefore, you might notice that some of them do not smell even after being washed.

But over time, the chemical treatment wears off and that’s when people start to notice that sweat smell that never seems to go even after washing it.

This explains why some clothes will smell while others won’t even after having washed them together.

Synthetic fiber is also one of the main reasons you will start to notice the sweat smell after a few hours of wearing your clothes.

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How to effectively remove sweat smell from clothes

Well, now that you know the common causes of the clinging sweaty smell on clothes, we are left with how to remove the sweat smell from clothes.

The following are the best ways to get rid of the sweaty smell on your clothes:

1. Use ammonia

Over the years, ammonia has been known to be a powerful laundry aid that not only removes the stain on clothes but effectively gets rid of odors on clothes.

It is the fastest and the most economical option that is also used by professionals.

This is how I use ammonia to get rid of the smell (DIY)

  • I have a jug that I have poked a few holes, that looks like a sprinkle can.
  • First, I take the smelly cloth and put it in a way that I can pour the ammonia into the jug targeting the smelly areas.
  • I only use a very little amount of ammonia but it does the trick. 
  • Then I just throw it in the washer the same way I normally wash the other clothes.


  • Ammonia’s smell is extremely intense, so be warned!
  • Do not mix the ammonia with other household cleaners, it may cause some dangerous reactions.
  • Avoid using it on wool or silk.

I recommend watching online videos to learn how to use it.

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2. Use enzyme laundry detergents

These types of detergents are great in removing the sweat smell from clothes because the enzymes tend to break down the bacteria and dissolve the oils that may have been trapped, thus removing the odor.

This explains why most people who are active in sports or go to the gym regularly are advised to use enzyme laundry detergents because they are effective in getting rid of sweat and oils on their workout clothes.

I hope the article has been helpful. Cheers!