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How To Wear A Bikini With A Tummy

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Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by Morah Rose

If you have a tummy (most of us do) it can be challenging to find a bikini that will look good on you without being overly conscious of how it looks on you.

In this article, I will show you how I manage to rock a bikini with a tummy “pouch” and still look good and confident!

Ways to wear a bikini with a tummy

The following are some of my best ways to wear a bikini if you have a tummy or “pouch”;

1. Know your body type before buying a bikini

Being aware of your body type helps you to know the best areas to focus on when wearing your bikini. 

This also blocks people from noticing your tummy and instead focus on what makes you attractive, depending on your body type.

Additionally, you become more aware of bikini styles that work best for you. 

There are 5 body types:
1). Apple shape.
2). Pear shape.
3). Hourglass.
4). Rectangle.
5). Inverted triangle.

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If you are an apple shape, I highly recommend working towards drawing more attention to your upper body through the color-blocking method.

For instance, you could wear a printed or a brighter bikini top with a black bottom.

This way, people will notice your upper assets more, especially if you are pear-shaped thus distracting them from the tummy.


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2. Wear a cute beach coverup with your bikini

For some people, wearing a bikini with a tummy tends to lower their confidence when they are at the beach. However, wearing a cute beach coverup with a bikini can help build up confidence.

I find that even when you have love handles, tying the coverup to your waist really helps give some definition.

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3. Wear tummy-control high-waisted bikini bottoms

The tummy control high-waisted bikini bottoms are great for lightly covering up the tummy because of the wide waistbands that they come with.

The wide waistband also gives you good support and holds your tummy in while still feeling comfortable.

4. Wear a ruffled overlay high waist tankini tummy control bathing suit

The tank top style and bikini bottom are great for women who have an upper tummy.

That’s because it is more comfortable and flattering, and gives you great coverage around your tummy area.

5. Wear a medium rise

If you have a tummy pouch, then a medium rise that comes around your belly button would look great on you than a high or low-rise bikini. 

I’d not recommend a high waist bikini if it does not have tummy control because it may end up highlighting your belly.

A high-waisted bikini also tends to make your belly stick out more, thus affecting your body shape.

Wearing the wrong high-waisted bathing suit could also make you look like you are trying to cover yourself up. Usually, this does not project an air of confidence!

However, this depends on your body type.

For instance, a high-waisted bikini will look great on women who are curvier (hourglass body types and even those with pear body types) because it tends to flutter their curves even more thus not drawing attention around the tummy area. 

6. Wear bikinis that have patterns or some fun prints

Bikinis with medium to small fun prints and patterns flatter you more and draw more attention to the prints than solid color bikinis.

This way, instead of more focus being drawn on your tummy, it will be on how the prints flatter your body.

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Tips for wearing a bikini with a tummy

  1. Be confident when wearing a bikini. Confidence makes you look attractive and stand out from the crowd!
  1. Focus on having a good time at the beach. 

This’s because most people go to the beach to have a good time. No one’s beach day will be ruined simply because they spotted someone with a tummy.

Most of the time your insecurities are just in your head.

  1. The beach is a good equalizer.

That’s because there are people of every shape and size. Some will make you look good. Some will make you look bad. It’s up to you to decide if you want to focus on that instead of having a good experience!

Final Words

As a woman, I believe in not putting all your value on how you look.

That’s because there are lots of things that make you unique and better than those people that you think are perfect just because they have a flat stomach.

Don’t live your life focusing on what other people think about you or your body.

Go to the beach, have fun and enjoy!