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How To Make Your Belly Look Flat In A Crop Top (With Pictures)

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Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Morah Rose

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Want to wear a crop but feel insecure about your big tummy? Don’t panic.

This article will show you how to make your stomach look flat in a crop top even when you have a big belly.


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1. Wear high waist pants with the crop top

High waist pants that are not too tight or stretchy will make you look good in a crop top.

I would recommend going for black high waist pants if you have a bigger tummy because it helps camouflage the belly fat. 

If you have a low waist tummy, I would recommend wearing something like the one in the image below.

It perfectly hides the lower belly fat, especially when you pick the right size.

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2. Wear high waist skirts with a crop top

Whether you have a lower or an upper tummy, the high waist skirt can make you look really gorgeous when worn with a crop top.

Note that the high-wist skirt should not be very tight.

High-waist skirts ideas for different types of ladies:

  1. Denim High-waist short skirt

If you are curvy, this denim high-waist skirt will look very gorgeous on you because the main focus will be around your hip area.

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  1. High-waist double split skirt.

If you love a stylish look, you can rock this with a crop top!

This will make you look stylish and the main focus will not be on the belly fat but on your thighs.

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But if you don’t like showing off your thighs, then you can go with the look below. It focuses more on your hips and makes your waist look smaller.

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And again, if you have a bigger tummy, you can go with the skirts below.

It matches well with a crop top because it does not hag your tummy when worn over the waist.

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Check it out on Amazon.

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3. Wear a tighter long top inside

Let’s say you are going to the gym and would like to rock a crop top with tights, you can nail that look by wearing a tight long top inside that will camouflage the belly fat when wearing tights.

Note: Go for a crop top that is not tight/does not hug your body.

4. Wear a loose top on the inside

You can wear a medium top that covers the belly area on the inside, then you can wear a crop top of the same color on the outside.

This is definitely another great way to dress in a crop top if you have a bigger tummy.

5. Wear the crop top with an Aline dress

Note that the Aline dress should not be body-hugging. This is because it will ruin the whole idea of making you look great in a crop top when you have a big belly.

Final Word

We all have different body types. It is worth noting that the outfit that looks best on you when wearing a crop top will largely depend on your body type and not your tummy.

Therefore, I recommend knowing your body type and then getting outfits that focus on your attractive body parts.

Additionally, having a tummy should not limit you from wearing what you like.

After all, having confidence in yourself make you more attractive whether you have a bigger tummy or not.