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How To Wear High-waisted Jeans With A Belly (With Pictures)

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Last Updated on December 13, 2023 by Morah Rose

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Wondering how to wear high-waisted jeans with a belly?

Did you know you can hide your tummy when wearing high-waist jeans without having to wear a body shaper? 

I will show you some styling tricks that will make you look gorgeous wearing high-waist jeans even when you have a tummy.

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable when wearing high-waist jeans just because you have a belly.

I am a firm believer in “When you look good, you feel good!” and we all deserve to look good.

Quick story:

I have had a stubborn tummy that looks like it is never going away any time soon. I used to look at Instagram pics and would feel hate for myself. I always hoped that one day I will grow slim and will rock those high-waist jeans. Unfortunately, that day never came.

Fast forward, after I finally quit feeling sorry for myself, I decided to work on my wardrobe and styling and eventually said no to body shapers. 

That’s when I started seeing a difference. No one ever seems to notice my tummy even when I’m rocking the high waist jeans.

If you’re out there and don’t feel like the best version of yourself, you only need to embrace yourself and the rest will fall into place.

What’s your body shape type?

Hourglass – This is when your shoulders are equally proportional to your hips.
Pear Shape – This is when you have a narrow shoulder and waist but broader hips.
Apple shape – This is when you have a broader waist than your shoulders and hips.
Rectangle shape – This is when your shoulders, waist, and hips are all equally proportional.


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The following are styling tips that will help you hide your tummy when wearing high-waist jeans.

1. Half tuck/front tuck

This means you are just tucking only the front part of your top on the front part of your high waist jeans.

This way the untucked sides will cover parts of your waist thus hiding the tummy like in the image below.

2. Wear a high-waisted bikini

Not only will a high-waisted bikini help hide the lower belly fat but it is also more comfortable and goes unnoticeable when worn inside the high-waist jeans.

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3. Wear bike shorts 

If you always feel uncomfortable wearing shape wears, then bike shorts can be comfortable when worn inside the high waist jeans. 

It helps flatten the tummy area thus reducing the chances of anyone noticing your belly fat.

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4. Wear something on top of your top

If you prefer tucking your top then I would recommend you wear something like a jacket on top. The jacket should be long enough and touch your hip section and not the waist section.

And if it is hot outside, you can wear a lightweight jacket or a blazer with high-waist jeans.

This will help you look like you have a flat belly because your tummy will remain hidden.

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5. Wear darker-tone high waist jeans

Wearing darker tone high waist pants, such as black and dark blue, with either a printed or colorful top helps switch all the attention to the top.

But on the other hand, lighter-tone high waist pants usually highlight the tummy area more compared to black jeans.

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6. Wear jeans that are not tight around the front private area

A perfect example of these types of jeans is the mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, wide-leg jeans, and straight-leg jeans. 

This is because they feel more relaxed around the waist area and make your hip area look more flattering while your tummy stays hidden.

The mom jeans not only hide the tummy but are comfortable no matter what body size you are.

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7. Avoid jeans that tighten the waist area

If you want to hide your tummy when wearing high-waist jeans, then you need to avoid high-waist jeans that hug your waist. 

This is because it will over-enhance your tummy, making it look even worse. The tummy will also pop out when you’re seated. This will make you feel uncomfortable. 

Therefore, I would recommend you size up your jeans. The jeans should feel comfortable even when you are sitting, and your tummy won’t pop out that much.

That said, avoid jeans that are designed to focus on your waist area

The last thing that you would want to wear if you intend to hide your tummy, is jeans that focus on the waist area. This is in fact the opposite of what you want.

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8. Choose the right fabric

Wearing jeans with lighter fabrics will not only make them look cheap but also tend to stretch them out thus exposing your tummy.

This will ultimately make it harder to hide the tummy.

9. Avoid skinny belts when wearing high waist jeans

Skinny belts are cute. But if you are a pear shape or a plus-size woman, they can make you look out of proportion.

10. Choose the right color for your belt

If your belt has a contrasting color to your look, this means that all the attention will be focused around your waist area. That’s the last thing you want.

11. Wear body-skimming tops

These are tops that don’t hug you tight and are not oversize (see the image below).

They not only look good on you but also do a great job of hiding your tummy, especially when wearing high waist jeans.

how to hide belly when wearing high-waist jeans

The image below is another good example of a body-skimming top.

Note that, you should also pick the right length depending on where your tummy is (upper or lower tummy).

12. Wear tops that have a knot below the breast line

These are tops with a design focus on the front

This is a great way to hide the upper tummy.

13. Wear tops that make your shoulder look broader

These will make your waist look smaller, thus making you look even more gorgeous.

These can be tops with a little puffed shoulder like the one in the image below.

14. Wear an open-neck blouse that is rounded at the bottom

The rounded bottom shape helps mask the tummy whereas the open-neck tops help make you look elongated.

A good example is in the image below.

Alternatively, you can go for a v-neck top like the one in the images below.

15. Wear a vertical-stripes top

A horizontal stripe top will give you a wider look, which is the opposite of what you are looking for, especially if you have a bigger tummy.

The image below is a good example of a verticle stripes top.

However, if you only have horizontal stripe tops, I recommend wearing them with a blazer.

In conclusion, these styling techniques will definitely help hide your belly when wearing high-waist jeans. Don’t hesitate to try them today!