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How To Find The Best Jeans For Your Body Type (With Pictures)

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Last Updated on February 26, 2024 by Morah Rose

What’s the perfect jeans for your body type?

A good pair of jeans should make you feel comfortable, look gorgeous and feel more confident.

In this article, we will be discussing how to find the perfect jeans when doing your shopping.

But before that, below are four things that will affect your look and how comfortable you feel in jeans:

  • Your rise vs height.
  • Your rise vs body shape.
  • The leg shape of the jeans.
  • Jeans that will make your butt look good.

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How to choose the right jeans based on your rise vs height 

Your choice will mainly depends on what look you want to achieve.

For example, if you are a short lady who likes to look taller, below are tips for ladies with short legs.

Note: Rise is the measurement between your crotch and your natural waist.

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Tips for ladies with short legs

  1. Wear high-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans are usually great for ladies who want their legs to look taller.

That’s because they extend beyond your natural waist thus giving an illusion of longer legs and a shorter torso.

NOTE: High-waisted jeans have a higher rise. However, higher-rise jeans vary between retailers. That means, what some retailers consider a high-rise is a mid-rise to other. 

Additionally, what would be high waist jeans to you might be a mid-rise on another lady.

Therefore, you will need to try the jeans to know if it is indeed high-rise jeans.

  1. Wear flare-leg jeans

Flare jeans will make your legs look longer especially when worn with the right shoes such as heels.

  1. Wear jeans with a vertical hem

These types of jeans are more flattering on short ladies who want to look slimmer and taller.

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What if you have longer legs and a shorter rise?

I’d recommend you avoid jeans that have a super high rise because they will make you look like you do not have a torso.

Additionally, I’d also recommend you avoid jeans with a low rise because they will make your legs look much shorter.

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How rise vs body shape affects the type of jeans you wear

When you know your best rise range, it is easy to pick the right jeans that will make you look gorgeous and feel comfortable in your body.

For example, if you have a shorter rise, high-rise jeans will in most cases look good on your body.

Most ladies with pear and hourglass shapes tend to have longer rises. However, you will also find some pear shape women who have shorter rises with longer legs.

Additionally, ladies with less waist definition like rectangle shape women, tend to have shorter rises.

How your leg shape affects the type of jeans you wear

The leg shape of the jeans will significantly affect your overall look and how comfortable you feel in jeans.

For instance, you could have big thighs but don’t want to draw attention to them when wearing your jeans.

The image below shows your recommended jeans (take note of their leg shapes).

Additionally, if you have a wide figure, a flare-leg or wide-leg jeans can also help balance out your hips. The same applies to rectangular shape women.

This takes us to the common types of jeans and what would look beautiful and gorgeous on your body shape.

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Common types of jeans recommended for ladies with different shapes and sizes

  1. Skinny jeans

As we all know skinny jeans will show exactly how your body looks.

The following are the skinny jeans tips for women with different body types:

  • Skinny jeans look gorgeous on pear shape and hourglass shape ladies who like to show off their thighs and hips.
  • Ladies who are more conscious about their narrow hips should avoid these types of jeans because they tend to make their narrow hips more noticeable.
  • Short ladies who want to look taller in skinny jeans should avoid wearing them with flat shoes that show where the jeans end. That is because they make you look shorter.

Instead, I’d recommend you wear them with shoes that cover the hem of the jeans. A good example is ankle boots or even tall boots because they give an illusion of long legs.

Check out the best boots for short legs.

  • If you want to look slimmer when wearing skinny jeans, I’d recommend those that are darker. Avoid lighter colors. 

That’s because darker color skinny jeans give you a good slimming effect.

  • A good rule of thumb for skinny jeans for all ladies is to avoid those that go past the ankle.
  1. Flare-leg jeans, wide-leg jeans, and boot-cut jeans

Flare-leg jeans are usually flattering on women of any height and body type.

But just make sure it fits your butt well because it’s less flattering when too loose around the butt.

Additionally, they look so great on women who have inverted body shapes because they balance out their broad shoulders with the legs.

The wide-leg jeans also give an illusion of a more defined waist.

Bootcut jeans will easily look flattering on any body type. They are also a good option for ladies who want an elongated-legs look when worn with heels.

Make sure you wear flare and wide legs jeans with the right shoes to complement your overall look. 

That’s because wearing them with the wrong shoes can easily ruin the look.
  1. Mom and boyfriend jeans

These jeans look gorgeous on women with bigger hips and bums, but not to mean that other ladies don’t look good in them.

These days there are great brands that make these jeans look great on ladies with different body types.

Additionally, if you are shorter then I’d recommend boyfriend/mom jeans that fit closer to your body from the waist to the legs.

Best jeans types that will make your butt look good

The type of jeans that you wear definitely plays a role in how your butt will look in them.

For example, some jeans will make you look flat even when you are not while others will make a flat butt look really good.

So, if you want your butt to look good in your jeans follow the tips below when shopping for jeans:

  1. Pay attention to the design of the yoke

This is the horizontal line that is just underneath the waist of the jeans as seen in the image below.

The yoke plays a great role in defining the shape of your butt looks when wearing jeans. Normally, some brands will have a deeper yoke others have a shallow yoke.

The most flattering yoke for your butt is one that has a soft v-shape because it tends to accentuate the top of your butt, giving it a more rounded shape.

Additionally, the yoke helps make your waist look smaller.

  1. Pay attention to the back pockets of the jeans

The placement of pockets is almost everything when it comes to how your butt looks in jeans.

There are three key things to pay attention to when it comes to the jean’s back pockets.

  1. The shape of the pockets.

Jeans pockets are made of different shapes- straight and angled pockets.

Jeans pockets that are inward-angled and fairly centered create an illusion of a lifted butt.

NOTE: The further apart the pockets are, the flatter the butt will look. If they are fairly centered on the fullest part of your butt, then that will create an illusion of a round and fuller butt.

  1. The position of the pockets (are they too high up or too low?)

To balance out how your butt looks, the pockets shouldn’t be too high or too low. This way it won’t look too flat or too big. 

That’s because the lower the jeans pocket the more flat the butt will look. But if you want your butt to look bigger in jeans then higher pockets will create that illusion.

  1. The space between the bottom of the pockets

The wider the space between the bottom of the pockets, the wider your butt will look.

If you have a small or flat butt I don’t recommend wearing jeans that have pockets that are far apart. That’s because they will make your butt even flatter.

If you want your butt to look good, wear your jeans with heels. This’s because they change your posture accordingly thus making your butt look lifted.

Summary of the best jeans for different body types

Body TypeBest types of jeans
1.Pear body shape

(Narrow shoulder, small bust, small waist, and wide hips and thighs) 
High-rise flare jeans are great because they create a slimming effect.

Additionally, the flare at the bottom and tight at the waist and hips make you look taller and slimmer.

This tends to balance the proportions of your body perfectly from the flared bottom.

High-rise sculpts skinny jeans tend to boost and shape your body beautifully.

Straight high-rise jeans that are straight from the top to the bottom make you look a bit more proportionate on the hips and torso because of the straight line. Wear it with a fitted top.

Slim ankle super high-rise jeans which are slim from top to bottom but not too tight will balance out your figure perfectly. The super high waist cinches your waist.

NOTE: If the jeans are a little bit loose, wear them with a bit tight top to balance the look.
2.Apple body shape

(Gain weight around the mid-section area even when skinny)
The best jeans for an apple shape body are those that have a slimming effect on the waistline.

High-waisted jeans are also great because they make your waist look smaller.
3.Inverted Triangle body shape

(Waist is not defined, have broader shoulders and narrow hips)
Flare and wide-leg jeans are great because they give you a more balanced look – it balances out the broader shoulders.
Additionally, if you have a shorter waist, mid-rise jeans will look good on you.
Avoid too tight and skinny jeans.
4.Rectangle body shape

(Don’t have a waistline definition and gains weight more evenly throughout the body)
Wide-leg and flare jeans will look great on you because they create an illusion of curves and a defined waist.

If you are rectangular in shape with a shorter waist, then mid-rise jeans will also look great on you.
5.Hourglass body shape

(Have a more defined waistline and balanced shoulder and hips with full hips and bust)
High-waisted, stretchy slim fit jeans look great on an hourglass body shape. You do not have to take them to the tailor to fit you.

Skinny jeans will look good on you if you want to emphasize your assets.

Wide-leg, boot-cut, and flare jeans will also be a great option if you want to balance your curves.

I’d also recommend you try out the jeans that we have recommended for pear-shaped women.

NOTE: If the jeans are not fitting well at the waist area or at the butt, take them to a good tailor.

Signs that you are not wearing the right type of jeans for your body type

  1. The jeans do not feel like it fits you right.
  2. Muffin top showing.
  3. The rise is too high.
  4. You are always pulling up your jeans because they don’t fit right on the waist.
  5. When you sit the jeans reach your rib cage making you very uncomfortable.