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Hacks For Swimming On Your Period

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Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by Morah Rose

Although it is possible to swim during your period, what works for other women might not work for you.

Some ladies will comfortably swim without wearing anything to prevent period leakage and end up not leaking their period. But this may not be the case for all ladies.

In this article, we will be discussing hacks for swimming during your period.

These hacks apply to different ladies.

N/B: You don’t have to miss the fun just because you are on your period.

How to swim when you are on your period

The following three options have worked well for most ladies:

  • Wearing the right tampon
  • Using a menstrual cup
  • Wearing period swimwear
How to swim when you are on your periods

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Swimming with a tampon

Tampons are mostly recommended for swimming when you are on periods because it absorbs the period before it leaves the body, unlike pads.

According to a recent online survey that we did, over 70% of the ladies who participated reported that they wear tampons when swimming during their period.

15% of those who wear tampons when swimming also reported that they find it uncomfortable to remove the tampon after swimming.

However, most of these women were also not used to wearing tampons when they were on their period.

Additionally, only a few ladies reported that they experience leaks when wearing a tampon.

Based on the feedback, the following are some of the best hacks for comfort and a better experience when swimming with a tampon.

Tips for swimming with a tampon

  1. If you are wearing a bikini, ensure the string at the end of the tampon is not wiggling outside (hanging out) of the bikini bottom.

My recommendation:

Once you insert the tampon, you can tuck the string so that it stays inside but not all the way inside.

  1. If you are going swimming on the days that you expect to get the heaviest period, make sure you regularly change the tampon. 

This will help prevent any leakage when you are swimming with a tampon. 

Additionally, you will not feel uncomfortable when removing the tampon too because the tampon will not have absorbed a lot of water.

My Recommendation:

Keep track of the time you spend with one tampon. This will help you know when it’s time to change.

This way you won’t have to keep running to the bathroom to check if everything is okay down there, which could ruin all the fun in the pool.

Always put on a new/fresh tampon before you get in the water for the first time (or upon arrival).
  1. If you are wearing tampons for the first time, make sure you try them first and get used to them before you go swimming.

This will help you figure out how to insert it in the right way to avoid feeling uncomfortable. You will also feel confident when wearing it and walking in your bikini or swimwear.

N/B: Most ladies don’t like wearing tampons at first but after getting used to them they oftentimes end up loving them.
  1. If you do not like a tampon, don’t give up. Try another brand.

This is because just like normal pads, tampons are shaped differently, fit differently, and are made of different materials from different brands in the market.

This means that, if you don’t like one tampon brand you can always go for another brand.

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Wear a menstrual cup when swimming

A menstrual cup is another great alternative when you want to go swimming while on your period. 

The following are some of the main advantages of the menstrual cup:

  • You will not experience leaks
  • It gives you confidence when swimming
  • You don’t have to keep going to the bathroom to change

Most ladies find the menstrual cup far better than a tampon, but most of them are those who are used to wearing tampons.

My recommendations:

If you are not used to tampons, I’d recommend you try them first before you opt for the menstrual cup. 

This is because it can get very uncomfortable if you are not used to inserting something like a tampon down there.

But after getting used to and gaining confidence it will be easier to insert the menstrual cup.

You can practice using the menstrual cup towards the end of your period when you are experiencing lighter period.
  • Pick a menstrual cup that is comfortable.

Menstrual cups come in different shapes, sizes, and firmness.

In terms of firmness, you can get one that is either firmer or softer. Most ladies use a firm menstrual cup when they go swimming.

However, if it’s your first time using a menstrual cup, I’d recommend starting with a softer one.

Wear a period swimwear

There are many great brands that design period swimwear for ladies who are on their period. 

Some of the top brands include Modibodi Swimwear and Knix swimwear.

Most of these swimwear are reusable, leakproof, and fast drying.

They are mostly great for ladies experiencing a low or moderate period flow. Additionally, if you experience heavy periods, you can use them for secondary/extra protection.

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Other helpful tips for swimming on your period

  1. If you always feel bloated whenever you are on your period, I’d highly recommend that you avoid taking foods or drinks that will make you feel bloated.

For example salty food, caffeine e.t.c. I also recommend that you stay hydrated.

  1. Immediately after swimming, make sure you change the tampon or whatever you were using to avoid irritation. 

Additionally, make sure that you shower and keep that area clean and dry to avoid bacteria or yeast infections.

  1. Wear a darker swimsuit if you are going to be swimming during your period.

This may save you the embarrassment in case your period leaks.

wear darker swimsuit if you are going to be swimming during your periods

I’d also recommend you go for swimsuits that are dark-lined. In case your period leaks this won’t end up leaving an ugly stain on it. 

This is because a white-line swimsuit does not look good if it gets stained.

Key take aways:
For lighter periodYou can swim with a dark-period swimwear
For heavy periodWear a tampon or menstruation cup when swimming.

It is possible to enjoy swimming while on your period when you follow these tips.