Wearing a belt when you have a big belly can be pretty daunting for most men. Right?

How about tips to help you get comfortable when wearing your pants?

If you love to look stylish even with a beer gut, these are the perfect tips for you!

Don’t wear a belt! You should instead wear suspenders/ braces if you are a bit on the heavy side.

This way your trouser stays on your actual waistline and not below/over the belly. They also tend to be more comfortable than a belt.

Wear pants the right way! When shopping for pants, don’t be overly concerned with how the pants fit on your waistline, and forget the pant rise.

Pant rise plays a significance role in your overall look and comfort!

Wear fitting pants! Sometimes the problem is not the belt, but how well the pants fit you.

Copy and paste a look! Know of a celebrity who dresses well and has your body type?

Most celebrities are dressed by professional stylists. You will learn a thing or two from their dressing style.

Love these tips? I’m sure you will also love tips for dressing when you have a beer gut. Find all the details at MYBESTLIFESTYLENOW.COM, or click the link below.