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Do Face Yoga Exercises Make You Look Younger?

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Last Updated on January 18, 2023 by Morah Rose

People do facial yoga for different reasons.

The following are some of the main reasons:

  • To minimize aging and look younger. Many believe it acts as an anti-aging. 
  • To enhance/improve their facial features.
  • Some do it to help slim a chubby face. 

In this article, we are going to be discussing the following:

  • Face yoga effects on wrinkles
  • Downsides of face yoga exercises
  • Our verdict on facial yoga for wrinkles.
  • Our verdict on facial yoga for chubby faces.
  • Natural alternatives to face yoga.

Does facial yoga/exercise work on wrinkles

Some people report seeing improvements after doing facial exercise twice a day for a number of months.

However, some report no improvements after years of facial exercises.

We interviewed two women in their 60s who have been doing facial exercises more than twice a day for many years. Their skin looked great for their age.

The following are their experiences with facial exercises:

  • According to them, you have to do it for months to see a difference. They said that have been doing it for years.
  • From their experiences, facial exercises work well for people who are not too old. For example, it will work better for those who are 40 years compared to 70+ year-olds. 

This is because the older you get, the more new wrinkles will appear from your stretching face.

  • According to them, if you are already aging well, you may also not see much of a difference when you look at yourself in the mirror.

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Downsides of facial exercises from the interview

  • Doing a specific exercise may help get rid of some wrinkles but may also cause more to appear on other locations of your face. This means you have to do other facial exercises to fix the new wrinkles.
  • If you are new to facial exercise techniques, then doing it wrongly might end up giving you no results or creating new wrinkles.
  • Today there are many facial yoga “experts” who teach you how to do it online, but unfortunately, most of them don’t teach it correctly. 

Are there scientific studies that prove facial yoga/exercises do work

There are two studies that were done on women who are over 30 years and both produced positive results after the face yoga/ facial exercises.

One study was done in 2018 and published in the journal JAMA Dermatology. In this study, they had 16 participants between 40 to 65 years who were monitored for a period of 20 weeks.

From these participants, the researchers noted a significant improvement in their facial skin. Their skin was firmer with a more youthful appearance.

The other study was done in 2014 by the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research. The study was based on facial exercises that helped with aging. The outcome was all positive and the participants had facial rejuvenation.

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Does facial yoga/exercise help slim a chubby face?

Well, there isn’t much research on this. We also ended up getting mixed results from people who claimed to be doing facial exercises to help slim their chubby faces.

Some claimed that it had worked, others saw no difference.

Our verdict on facial yoga for wrinkles

Do it correctly

Out of our interactions with people who have achieved the results they wanted from facial yoga after doing it for years, we realized the importance of knowing how to do it right.

Therefore, this is what we’d recommend:

  1. Find an expert who will show you the correct face exercise and learn how to do it correctly.

Most facial yoga programs will train you how to apply light pressure in the key areas to prevent new wrinkles from showing up.

  1. Before you begin, first find out the common beginner mistakes to avoid when doing facial exercises.
  1. When starting out, try to avoid facial exercises that create exaggerated facial expressions.

Do not give up

The results may not come or rather may not be noticeable immediately. Therefore, you need to be disciplined and persistent as you look forward to achieving your results.

Additionally, if you want to age well then you may need to keep doing the exercises without ever giving up.

For example, the ladies in the interview started when they were in their 40s and they are now in their 60s and are still doing facial yoga/exercises.

Some exercises will be more effective than others, depending on an individual

We have interacted with people who have observed that some facial exercises didn’t work while some were effective. 

Facial exercises do not reverse aging or act as a facelift

What it does is slow down the aging process. For example, when you take two people of the same age, let’s say 50 years. If one is doing the facial exercises, they may look like they are aging gracefully but the other one will look aged.

There is more to anti-aging than facial exercise

There are many people who don’t do facial exercises but look younger than their age or do facial exercises but never see any difference!


Because there are many things that affect how you age.

In order to look younger:

  1. Always wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is one of the most recommended anti-aging products. 
  1. Have a proper skincare routine.
  1. Avoid taking too much sugar.

Our verdict on facial yoga for chubby face

After doing our research, we never got a conclusive answer on whether facial exercises help slim down chubby faces. However, this is what we’d recommend:

Love yourself for who you are and avoid comparing yourself to others

I say this because I have come across many people who have slim faces but they still don’t like how they look. Maybe they want to have bigger cheeks and rounder faces. The same goes for those with rounder faces wanting slim faces.

Just love yourself for who you are!

Enhance your look with make-up

I know telling you to love yourself may seem easy but it can be very hard depending on the situation you are in.

But, one thing you should know is that a good bone structure can also make you look great.

The good thing is that you can enhance your bone structure with make-up and there are lots of good online tutorials that you can learn from.

Your hairstyle matters

I’d hence recommend that you look for the best hairstyles that go very well with the shape of your face. A good hairstyle enhances your other great facial features.

Lower your body fat

There are exercises that are aimed at reducing your body fat percentage, which also helps with a chubby face.

Additionally, you can undergo a simple procedure to remove the fat pads in your cheeks if you really need to. 

Before you go for this option, make sure you have researched widely, consult an expert, and keep in mind that it is irreversible.

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Are there other alternatives to Facial exercises?

A natural alternative to facial exercises is facial massage. It also helps with facial appearance. Asians are well known for their facial massages.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself!

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